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I met when ordinary crush construed hollister dating naturally moped notwithstanding. The singing star whose car crash led to. Dave Hollister was born in Chicago, Illinois on 17th August His father was a minister and Dave grew up steeped in gospel music and the teaching of the Bible. You are also lucky if you get to work there.

Great for an in-between job. Great for gaining experience. Not the greatest for long-term. Underpaid, especially the higher up you get. Decent discounts and overtime is paid hourly not salary until DM level. I would open and close the store, give five minute meetings to all employees to set up our day with business goals, give follow up and feedback on the hour, learned management and business skills, workplace culture and environment fun and business minded, and working with the people was the best part of the job.

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Enjoyed working at HCO. Great place to work. Fast-paced, learned a lot. Great place to get your start in management.

Hollister Co Employee Reviews for Store Manager

Get to work with great people in a great environment. The Upper management treats the in store teams like they are less than.

A Day In the Life of a Hollister Store Manager

They have very high turn over rates with management and non management employees. Overworked for the pay. A typical day at work looks like the management team playing the role of all.

Not only do you have to be the store manager or assistant, but basically play the role of another assistant, a brand representative, and a stock associate. The company is always cutting hours, especially when you need them and does not give you enough hours or hands to get things done throughout the day. Management is always rude and talking about everybody behind everyone's backs. The regional manager, DM's, and even HR do not hold up to their job titles. They are always gossiping and not handling situations correctly.

The workplace culture is overall pretty good besides the pressure to donate your own money into all of the fundraisers. It is one thing to do a few fundraisers but the pressure is annoying when they tell you that you have to raise a certain amount of money extra after you already have raised more than other stores. The most enjoyable part of the job is building relationships with those who actually want to work there and not be involved in the drama aspect. Fun work environment, great employee discount. It was always fun coming in for work.

Fellow employees were always fun to be around and work with. There is always good music playing, but it could be too loud for some people.

It is also pretty dark in the store because they want it to have a vintage beachhouse feel. Management and company values are terrible. Many opportunities to advance throughout the work place, however the hours and shifts are less than ideal. Management is good and there is lots to learn.

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Sacrificing your life to appease those who never appreciate you. There is no work life balance. And professionalism for higher ups as in home office provide no help, or assistance for growth nor is there opportunity for positive feed back to grow as a person or a manager. There is no reason to sacrifice your personal life about those who do not understand the metrics or an everyday basis in a store.

Those are the type of people who have no field experience but expect you to make results based on theory but not on every day experience of what is controlled in your 4 walls. They wonder why the company is dying. They have no idea while they are drooling on themselves while they get sued for racial profiling, discrimination within the work place.

Hollister Co.

And fall flat when it comes down to grown toddlers that got their college degree out of a printer. Depends on the day in regards to business on your typical day. Typical day would go smoothly is other management was on time to work, stuck to the game plan, and time managed the tasks that need to be completed with in the store. A day in the life of a Hollister employee. One would touch base with the managers working that day and ensure that the schedule was made smart and the store is fully staffed for the day of business. Each associate full-time and part-time receives a touch base prior to starting their shift of the stores current focuses and goals.

Working as a Store Manager at Hollister Co: 63 Reviews |

Each shift we work to exceed our goals, as well as have fun and work with each other to help reach those goals. High Volume and task oriented work environment at Hollister Co. As a manager you will always open the store or close depending on the day. I learned to succeed at this company you need to build a strong leadership role and be very organized.

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The hardest part of the job is balancing all the tasks given while hitting your business plans each day for the store. With the current management staff you only get promoted once someone quits or moves out of the area so it is hard to grow and there aren't many options when promotions come along. Company is great but compensation could use improvement and it all depends on the team of managers you work with how good or bad your job life will be. Fun workplace, bad pay.

Overall a relaxed work environment but the pay is awful compared to other retailers, especially for the standards we're supposed to upkeep. There is also slim chances of moving up in the company. I learned a lot of good qualities from this job and it has helped me with the management jobs i have acquired. It had a fun atmosphere but was very tedious.

In the back we were always busy but i enjoyed it. The management was fine. Even though you needed a bachelors degree to because an asm. Neutral place to work. In my years of experience working with this company as a full time employee, I developed only a neutral perspective of the job.