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The deal was sealed only with a handshake, but it would have huge ramifications for both parties.

Harvey also gained a boost in business with his incorporation of the "Harvey Girl". He hired women between the ages of 18 and 30 and did not permit them to marry until they had put in a full year of work.

[Postcard of Fred Harvey's La Fonda Hotel]

Harvey Girls resided in housing adjacent to the restaurants, where they were supervised by the most senior Girl, who enforced curfews and chaperoned male visits. Roughly Harvey Girls moved out West to work and ultimately marry. Harvey Houses continued to be built and operated into the s. Harvey was the head of the Fred Harvey Company , which operated the hotel and restaurant chain under the leadership of his sons and grandsons until It was sold in to the Hawaii-based hospitality industry conglomerate Amfac, Inc. When Fred Harvey died of intestinal cancer , there were 47 Harvey House restaurants, 15 hotels, and 30 dining cars operating on the Santa Fe Railway.

While some have reported his last words to his sons as " Don't cut the ham too thin, boys, " there is another account which addresses the realities of doing business:. Of course he had to make his profit or he could not stay in business and therefore this story was told rather reverently by his employees and other denizens of the Southwest spaces.

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On his deathbed, instead of mentioning debts or bequests to his relatives, he was supposed to have murmured, "Cut the ham thinner, boys. Harvey is also known for pioneering the art of commercial cultural tourism. His "Indian Detours" were meant to provide an authentic Native American experience by having actors stage a certain lifestyle in the desert in order to sell tickets to unwitting tourists.

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This tactic was adapted from his restaurants, where Harvey Girls worked as waitresses. Fred Harvey was also a postcard publisher, touted as "the best way to promote your Hotel or Restaurant. Fred Harvey, through the Fred Harvey Company , is attributed with creating the first "chain" restaurants in the United States. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. London , England , United Kingdom.

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