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Human beings can be much ruder through the safe distance that screens provide than they might have been in person. Take my male friend, for instance — after mutually agreeing on a time and date for a meeting with a Tinder match, he was ghosted. On the eve of the date, he sent her a confirmation text to check whether the date was on.

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In response, she unmatched him, and he never heard from her again. However, being a woman on online dating apps exposes you to specific and targeted online misogyny that far exceeds mere impoliteness.

I decided to reach out to some Indian women and listen to their experiences of being a woman navigating online dating. Not being a user of online dating apps myself, I tweeted out to women and asked them to share their stories with me. Very quickly, my Direct Messages tab turned into a very dark place. Please note that all names mentioned here have been changed in the interest of anonymity.

Which is the most worth dating app out there in India?

Doing a story on misogyny Indian women face on dating apps like Tinder , esp after rejecting a guy. Pls DM me if you've faced this? The commonest behaviour that women reported to finding irksome was persistence. Men would keep sending them messages, even if the women did not reply. If the women left-swiped or unmatched on Tinder , the men often sought them out on Facebook and messaged them there — even though left-swiping or unmatching is an obvious sign of disinterest. This made her so uncomfortable that she did not go to those events in the fear that he might show up there to meet her.

Persistent messages can soon give way to abusive, misogynistic ones when men are faced with rejection. Although she has since deleted the app due to the overall bad experience she faced with online dating, she remembered his retort word for word because of its sheer viciousness. You look like you have a fishy vagina anyway.

This sentiment of men getting defensive and angry upon being rejected runs deep — many women wrote in with similar stories to these. Upon rejection, men react with hostility and an overt misogyny, expressing an unbridled anger at being rebuffed.

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Their first reaction is to shame the woman, usually on their bodies and sexuality, as these are the only attributes that these men seem to value in women. However, body-shaming does not only occur after rejection. Negging is a classic pick-up strategy used by men to flirt with women.

7 Women You Meet on OK Cupid

I have contacted two or three Aug 20, One day I found this website. I make account in this website. I don't like the service and support from this webs Thousands of users are looking for advice right now. Feb 09, Like they showing free before login but when u register yourself then they ask for money to proc Hello Friends I recently founded the website in google Cupid. Feb 11, Face it who doesnt like meeting new people and seeing where things go.

For those that do dating site are a top hit. Amongst these sites is cupid.

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But the profile over the platform are really fake and improper. I talked to some girls but they all are fake, it just wasted my time. Even the login process of the website is very bad Apr 17, Pls be care ful with the fake profiles on this website. Once you give it they w Mar 11, I was alone in Bangalore , when I thought Dating would be a great pass time.

I always wanted to meet new people and mix up. It was for free and since it was Free I joined. Curious, I downloaded a few of many dating apps available in India to use for a few days.

The result is a list that caters to the full spectrum of daters with Tinder falling somewhere in the middle. You've reached your 5 free content limit for the month.

4 of India's dating apps that aren’t Tinder

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