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Min and Jinwoon were on one team, and Key and Arisa were on the other. They entered into a snowman building competition, snowball fight, and a sledding race.

Later on, Min and Jinwoon even created a game that involved different types of "punishments" in order for Key and Arisa to become closer with each other. Another interesting game they played was the lie detector game where the machine shocks the player if they are lying.

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It has not been proven how accurate this game is, but a few secrets were revealed during this game. Her response was "No," but the lie detector shocked her.

Key Gets Close and Physical with Virtual Wife Yagi Arisa for Cosmo

This caused a lot of laughter among the group, and Key jokingly said, "You are very attractive, but I'm already married. A later question may also have put Key in some hot water with his wife. You prefer back then rather than now," Jinwoon proposed this to Key.

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The photoshoot will be featured in April issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine Korea. Taemin and Naeun Ep 1 Eng Sub by koreanshowsnow1 Arisa Yagi 19 shared, "I don't have much dating experience yet, so I am looking forward to it even more. What is We Got Married?

Will you be tuning in? Vertical Tabs Audio Track. Which BTS member are you? The best K-drama romances of so far. Stray Kids are coming to Australia!

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