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Our traditional dating is known for being restrained and contains stages compared to other culture. Entering in a relationship here is not like a game and definitely, not just for fun. In that way, the girl will be even more fallen for the guy and successfully win her heart naturally. So to start with, here are some of perfect dinner places and restaurants located in Cagayan de Oro.

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High Ridge is known for its superb overlooking view and cozy ambiance. Many people are talking about this and their photos of the place are flaunted on their social media accounts. The romantic and stunning view adds color to your sweet moments.

They are open every day from For the food prices, it ranges from Php to Php Usually, it took one 1 hour before your order reached your table. So the best thing to do is before taking some lovely shots and pictures on the view, you must settle your order first since the restaurants is also frequently loaded. Truly, one of the best restaurants to spend with your loved one.

Generous heart makes them the best cities in this country

Panagatan is located at Opol Blvd. Opol, Misamis Oriental and they are open daily from 6: They are also open during holidays.


You can actually choose lots of mouth-watering seafood varieties. However, at the stage area of the Lifestyle District along Corrales Extension, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, they occasionally interchange their live acoustic acts with an actual live band.

You and your partner can grab a table and a couple of drinks after dinner and listen to the live music. If you want to excite things, you can make it a group date and get your friends and their partners aboard. You can also make it a group date and again invite your friends with partners and see who can sing the best love song to his or her partner.

Perfect Dinner Date Spots in Cagayan de Oro: Savoring Moments with Loved Ones

If you have a vehicle available, you can go out on a romantic dinner date at High Ridge. For safety purposes however, do consult with friends who have been previously there just to check out the rough road going up as the route tends to change from time to time due to repairs to the road. It is also advisable going up there after 5: You can now experience what only those in Manila and Cebu find near and handy. You both can actually glide together at cruising speed.

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