Dating old lead bullets

Crabo Do not argue with idiots. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Originally Posted by crabo. A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. The deer refuse to push the button and wait for the WALK light Gosh, unless you did some tests in your climate there is no way to tell just by looking.

Heck, I doubt the best equipment CSI ever had couldn't tell you that. Its too bad lead cant absorb carbon 14 because then you could conveniently say that the lead was old enough to be yours.

Re: Old lead bullets ? How old ?

If it was aver in question, you could do like any good scientist, retest the samples and give the answer that sounds best, but I digress. I suppose you could get a toilet paper tube, paint it silver, and tell them its your lead tester outerer. Set down with three buckets.

Inspect the boolits with the tester outerer. If its "3 months old" chunk it in one bucket.

However, if it is contaminated with aggregates and silica which, of course, makes it dangerous to cast with! Just be careful with that contaminated stuff! I hear that if you handle it too much your children will be born naked and illiterate. I got that from a very reliable source, so feel free to quote me. Originally Posted by goodsteel.

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old bullets

All times are GMT The time now is The information already given regarding likley dates is good though as a generalisation. Military rifle by the late 's had gone almost entirely to jacketed bullets for in-service use, but remember, there is often a lag of tens of years or more before reserve and cadet units are equipped with the latest weapon. I trained in the early '90's on the venerable SLR, despite the service weapon having been the SA80 for quite a while!

The littel teeth marks indicate to me of modern date..

In the meantime here is a photo taken origianlly with ruler included. I really appreciate the interest and comments Ace.

Thanks guys for the replies It's getting more technical than I expected, but none the less enjoyable I really appreciate the interest and comments Ace. Have one here looks a lot like yours. But here they are Thanks for your help Ace. Any chance of them in inches though? When loaded into the case, it would have been seated to just below the ogive ie where the rounding starts.

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The two cannelures would have provided a place for greese within the case. The 1st cannelure or last, depending which way your looking.

old lead bullets seeking identification, help!

Im going from the 'nose' back down towards the 'base' may have been used to crimp the case neck to the bullet. I cannot access my books at the moment, but i'll take a look when I can. I have found many musket and pistol balls, 's and larger bullets and casings, even taken some live rounds to the local police station.