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Breakfast All Day is a late night breakfast bar that offers toasts, sweet and savory waffles, and more. All we need is a cup of coffee and a little bit of conversation. Aside from their signature coffees and drinks , they serve all day breakfast, sandwiches, pasta, and dessert. Find out what kind of person your partner is by what toppings they put on their pizza. Read our full feature here. It offers Filipino and international fusion dishes including grilled skewers, street pizzas and wraps. Versus Barcade is the first bar-arcade in the Philippines where you can eat, drink and play.

10 Romantic Date Places For Every Kind of Budget

Wait, people go to Podium to watch movies? Either way, you're assured of great date-friendly grub. Have a glass of iced tea-each P40 because you deserve a pat on the back for being economical. They're good and you have budget to spare.

Er, Archie and Betty? Some of fiction's best love stories were forged in diners so don't dismiss this place as another greasy spoon. Trust us, there's no grease here.

10 CHEAP Date Ideas That Are Still AWESOME - What To Do When You Are Low On $$$

Go ahead, have a milkshake. You know you want to. Grams usually treats birthday celebrants with a free meal during their birthday month. Click here for a list of Grams Diner branches. Comfort is always a good jumping off point to romance. Enjoy good home-style food in a restaurant that brings a countryside vibe to the city.

What more, none of Banapple's dishes go over the P range-possibly a strategy so you and your honey can enjoy a slice of their famous banoffee pie. A slice of banoffee pie P95 for you two to share. It doesn't seem like much, but Banapple's mains and pastas will have you stuffed, so a short but sweet ending is just right. Pretty in pink might seem like a turn-off for men, but that '80s rom-com fueled many love lives.

4. L’Entrecote: The Steak and Fries Bistro

This all-day breakfast place has a whimsical ambiance that invites you to stay, chat, and just kick back. Enjoy the food, enjoy the company, enjoy the wonderful pink refrigerator and free pretzels and popcorn. Now isn't that the definition of a good date place? They even have a children's corner for married parents who want to unwind on a Friday night. Add some Latino heat to your relationship. Chef Nathaly Montoya introduces this cuisine in a majorly delicious way: Brasas is fast food without being fast food.

Take your date on a taste bud adventure and explore Latin America with dishes from Chile, Colombia, and more. The beauty of Brasas' menu is that most of the items are shareable. The interior is also intimately lit and guaranteed to stir the romance in the air. Aiming to serve honest and straightforward food, Da Paolo has grown into different styles of bistros, bars, pizzeria and even do catering now. A cosy, small setting suitable for small talk and flirting over good food. A secluded find that has a certain charm amongst all the serene greenery.

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Impress your date with good food, and be able to comfortably take the bill like a boss. The cuisine is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and contains no added preservatives or additives.

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Date night is a big thing for any couple given our busy schedules in Singapore and all the more something to look forward to. One Bistro Wine Bar: Situated at Customs House, the restaurant offers a unique take on Asian cuisine. Expect Asian touches to spaghetti, pork knuckle and many more. Are you one of them tired souls that are sick of all the modern European or Italian cuisine and all you really want is a good plate of Asian persuasion?

Any place that serves all-day breakfast items is fine with me. Seth doesn't promise good reviews, only honest ones. Occasionally gets angry emails from restaurant owners for not giving a stellar writeup.